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What do I need before mailing my device for a repair?

Make sure the form is completed at the time of purchase. Remove any cases or accessories and deactivate any lock screen passwords. (This allows us to test your device before mailing it back to you)

Are shipping costs included?

At the moment shipping is not included. Shipping cost will be paid by client and the device can be mailed through any service of your choice. We’ll of course take care of the cost to ship it back to you.

How should I pack my device?

Your device must be securely packaged with some padding all around to ensure there’s no damage during delivery. We recommend using foam or packing peanuts.

What if device is damaged during delivery?

Elite Wireless is only responsible for the repair requested at time of purchase. We are not responsible for any other malfunction to the hardware or software.

What happens after i ship my device for a repair?

You’ll receive a notification email that we’ve received your order. Then you’ll get a second email once your device arrives at our shop in Idaho. We’ll keep you updated and let you know when your device is ready to be shipped back to you.

What is your warranty?

We offer a 6 month warranty starting at the time of repair completion.

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